how to help Alex Reeve


Starting a new life as a writer is an exciting experience. But making yourself known as an indie  is much more complicated  than when a big publisher is paying a lot for a promotional campaign!

But who better than the readers themselves to talk about a book they liked?

What is better than word of mouth, social networks, etc? In short nothing like you ,readers!

Help Alex Reeve to make himself known! It’s 100% free and only ask you for your time! 1. Subscribe to the Newsletter! HERE

2. Talk about him on social networks!

3. pass the information around you! Post on your blog, on your website or send an email to your friends, family, colleagues!

4. Leave a comment on the Amazon book pages. You can leave a comment, even if you didn’t buy your copy at Amazon. you just have to be a regular customer. Comments are important as they help other readers to make their choice. it is a little modern word of mouth.

5. Give a copy to your loved ones!