Alex Reeve author

Enthusiast magician, when he was 18 years old Alex Reeve left France for the United States where he studied at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City to learn everything that could help him become a better magician.

Then he travelled all over the world to entertain audiences with his magic act. He became one of the referents and specialists of Buster Keaton, Alex Reeve is the author of the book ‘Buster Keaton, the man behind the stone face'(currently out of stock)

In 2014 Alex Reeve chose to put his career aside to devote himself to his second passion: writing.

But his past is never far away and Alex Reeve used his experiences and encounters to captivate the reader.

As a magician and mentalist, he wrote ‘Develop your memory’ a book on how to use simple methods to remember any information read, seen or heard.

Alex Reeve loves strange stories and wrote his first short story “The Trumpeter”, a story worthy of a Twilight Zone episode.

Travelling to the city of St Malo in France, inspired him the setting for his first novel ‘Deadly Tarot’. A breathless thriller in the heart of Britanny.

The style and the plots of this new author seduce the reader who wants more!

Rest assured, no blank page for Alex Reeve yet. He has more books coming up for you!